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“Legionary life is beautiful, not because of riches, partying or the acquisition of luxury, but because of the noble comradeship which binds all Legionaries in a sacred brotherhood of struggle.”

― Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, For My Legionaries

This Scots Pine scented deodorant is made with simple ingredients that don't inhibit your ability to sweat but instead work to absorb the moisture and repel the bacteria that create bad odor, so the legionnaire next to you in the shield wall won't have to smell you.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Arrowroot Powder, Tea Tree Oil, Scots Pine Oil

All our products are all natural, contain no parabens or sulfates, and all contents, labeling & packaging are made by family owned businesses right here in the USA. 


Contains 2.5 solid ounces

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75 Reviews

  • 3
    Smells good, doesn't last long

    Published by Polybius on 22nd Jun 2024

    I find that this deodorant doesn't often work very long unless you really spread a thick layer of it on your armpits, more than I would usually need considering I work a very sedentary job and maintain an even more sedentary lifestyle. This deodorant isn't bad smell-wise but longevity and economy wise, it is a big miss. Either wait for a sale or let them update the formula before buying this.

  • 5

    Published by TOBY NEFF on 2nd Feb 2024

    Was already leaning towards Legionnaire before seeing the scents because Romans. When I saw Ancestor was cinnamon, which my wife is allergic to, the choice was obvious. Wasn't sure what to expect with a pine deodorant but I was and still am shocked at how amazing this smells. This product is without exaggeration the best deodorant I've ever used. My Old Spice always wore off half way through the day but I'm amazed at how long this lasts and I absolutely love how it smells.

  • 1
    Doesn't do anything.

    Published by Ben on 30th Dec 2023

    Doesn't prevent sweat or smell. Literally snake oil. Makes me think DS is owned by a jew pulling some "BRC trick the goy" type shit. Wouldn't buy or recommend to anyone.

  • 5
    Legionnaire Deodorant

    Published by JJ on 24th Dec 2023

    I try to move myself and my family away from goyslop and similar types of products one product at a time. One such product was antiperspirants/deodorants. I didn't want the harmful chemicals in these products to make me sick. IMHO, wearing deodorant is to make yourself appealing to other people's senses and buying stuff to appeal to other people's senses is a slippery slope for sure. That being said, I don't want to odoriferously offend my wife and kids. After trying Legionnaire, I have found my forever deodorant. I can have the best of both worlds: A product that doesn't have harmful ingredients and I don't stink. Thank you, Dissident Soaps! This product is terrific!

  • 3
    I like this product, but not as deodorant

    Published by J. Johnson on 18th Aug 2023

    I used this product four times and on two occasions it irreparably stained my shirts. The oils in the deodorant are fine on shirts that are dark or use non porous materials but on any summer clothes (cotton, linen) or on light colored shirts it will leave stains I could not get out with stain remover and two loads in the wash. I would have been very disappointed but I found that the ingredients make it the best beard balm I have probably ever used. I run my comb through the top of the stick and then comb it into my beard, and it leaves me smelling great and cleans up my coarse, curly beard nicely.

  • 5
    Legionnaire deodorant

    Published by Jenn on 28th Jul 2023

    In an effort to refrain from using any beast system products, i gave up deodorant over a year ago. Admittedly I get kind of stinky during the day and when I cared enough I would take to washing with soap and water but it’s a cumbersome task outside of the shower. This deodorant works well, has a nice scent, and has greatly reduced stench and somewhat reduced sweating. Will definitely repurchase and try the other scent as well.

  • 4
    First I've Ever Used

    Published by HROTHGAR OHREINSATHUR on 16th Jul 2023

    I wore deodorant once when I was a teenager, and it stung my skin, so I never wore it again. 30 years later, I figured, why not? and bought this to support Dissident Soaps. It's all natural, and doesn't contain whatever ingredients were used in the mainstream deodorant that caused it to burn my skin. Women have complimented me on how it smells, the Scots Pine scent is nice, and it lasts for a day or 2. The whole container lasted about 2 months, and I just bought another.

  • 3
    A gorgeous odor, a fleeting character

    Published by Dan T. on 30th Jun 2023

    The light that burns twice as hot, lasts half as long. This deodorant has a beautiful scent. And I normally don't want my deodorant to smell at all! But I must say, in my line of work, this product was not up to the task. A bit past the halfway point of my day, I began to stink. I wish it weren't true but that's just how it is. Maybe a possible reformulated from other brands could increase its longevity. Something native to us in the west.... If you do not exp3ct physical exertion from your job, this will suit you well. But if you need to be active for your work, you may need to look elsewhere...for now

  • 5

    Published by GINGERMIKE NOTMYLASTNAME on 29th May 2023

    I have issues with deodorants irritating my armpits and causing itchy rashes. I can only use certain types. This is the only aluminum-free deodorant that 1: didn't cause a rash 2: smells great 3: doesn't leave super greasy stains on my shirts.

  • 5
    Pretty badass

    Published by Old Iron_1 on 18th Apr 2023

    I never enjoyed using the aluminum-based deodorants, and have been shopping around for a new one for some time... And this one smells great and WORKS. All the other products are amazing as well and with the pricing as good as it is, I recommend this (and the other products) to all of my friends and family.

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