About Us


In our increasingly divisive world, it's important to know who you're supporting with your consumer dollars. The purchases that you make regularly add up, and we make soap to give you an alternative to large, multinational corporations that use your consumer dollars to undermine your way of life both politically and culturally. Those same companies also fill their products with cheap, industrial additives, namely parabens and sulfates, which you can read about here.


By purchasing our soap, you're giving us the opportunity to escape working for those same sorts of large, multinational corporations and instead build a family-owned business that treats its employees fairly and shares your traditional American values. By working together, we can build a parallel economy that insulates us from the pervasive cancel-culture and authoritarian politics of the day. 

Made in USA

We go to great lengths to ensure that we partner with family-owned businesses and suppliers that share our values, and pay American workers to make their products in the USA. To that end, you'll find that virtually every part of our product experience is Made in the USA, from our soap's ingredients, to our bottles, our labels, our foil seals, our bottle caps, our cardboard mailer boxes and our packing materials.