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Your ancestors braved the elements, slayed dangerous beasts and sailed across the ocean in wooden ships in order to give you the world. Never question whether you should be proud of your ancestors, ask instead if they would be proud of you.

This cinnamon scented deodorant is made with a handful of simple anti-microbial ingredients not unlike what your ancestors would have used. It's not designed to keep you from sweating, which is healthy, but to absorb moisture and repel the bacteria that cause bad odor.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Arrowroot Powder, Tea Tree Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil

All our products are all natural, contain no parabens or sulfates, and all contents, labeling & packaging are made by family owned businesses right here in the USA. 


Contains 2.5 solid ounces

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80 Reviews

  • 4

    Published by Arman on 30th Apr 2024

    Has great scent that last for a long time, though for some it may be too long as it does stick to clothes. Definitely have to consider if you want to wear a cologne with it, and if so, if the cologne clashes with the scent, but it effectively acts as a sort of cologne so I forgo added scents when i use it. Same tactic that works with most stick deodorants, waiting a bit after applying it without a shirt on to let it settle a, works well for this too. Its definitely not a “sport” deodorant though, I wouldn’t recommend for use before a workout or hard labor as it doesn’t have an antiperspirant and does seem to leech into clothes more when wet.

  • 5
    High Quality Deodorant

    Published by Oswald on 24th Jan 2024

    Absolutely worth the price, I advise ordering this product in bulk as with all other DS products due to shipping fees. Feels nice on the skin when applied and stays with you throughout the whole day.

  • 5
    Unique scent that lasts all day

    Published by Smax on 19th Jan 2024

    Love the cinnamon scent, which is not your standard 'soap' scent - very clean and inviting. You may need to apply more swipes than you are used to compared with your standard antiperspirant glop from globohomo, but it is long lasting.

  • 5
    A great long lasting deodorant with a unique fragrance.

    Published by Toby P on 29th Oct 2023

    Love the Ancestor deodorant. More than stood the test in the record breaking Texas blast furnace this past summer. I highly recommend this deodorant. Now I must try the other deodorant!

  • 4
    Autumn Scent

    Published by Hrothgar on 9th Oct 2023

    When I first opened this deodorant, it reminded me of mom's homemade egg nog, and I was unsure what to think about smelling like that! After a little time, I smelled like fresh cinnamon - very strong fresh cinnamon - however, no one has complained since I've been using it for the past few weeks, so there's that. It holds up well on the body. Unfortunately, the scent sticks to clothes aggressively. Thankfully, however, it doesn't cause clothes to stink after wearing it for a day or so. I left it in my bathroom medicine cabinet, and the warm weekend has caused the scent to change drastically, so I assume it should be stored in a cool, dry place to not degraded its scent. I'm not sure how well this scent will work in warmer months, but it's great for Autumn and Winter!

  • 5
    Best I've used!

    Published by That Girl on 3rd Oct 2023

    I've tried every arrowroot based natural deodorant out there and have thrown them all out - felt like Madame Sweaty Sticky Pits all day. This one is different and actually works! No stickiness, no sweating, no staining - nothing! It's a beeswax base so there's no residue. Best thing I've used and will continue to buy - kudos for making a product that works!

  • 5
    Dissidents aren't just Men

    Published by Alison Jones on 11th May 2023

    Best fragrance of the product line. Has hints of Cinnamon Bark . Doesn't cause irritation, lasts all day and actually improves clarify of skin where applied. A softer stick, when used daily should last about a month.

  • 5
    The best I've used

    Published by Pistachio Disguisey on 16th Mar 2023

    This deodorant rules. It goes on smooth and smells like the inside of a hardware store, so I smelled great even when I was sweating. Not to mention the fact that it's completely natural. No sulfates, parabens or aluminum leaching into your body. Poison free, made with what God gave us. A top notch product from a top notch company.

  • 5

    Published by Rick on 14th Feb 2023

    The negative reviews are absolutely ludicrous. This is the greatest deodorant i have ever used and it is now my go-to. It isn't overpowering, and it sure as hell doesn't "turn foul" by the end of the day. By far the best smelling natural deodorant on the market, the rest all smell like portapotty urinal cakes or like synthetic chemicals in comparison. Give it a try and don't listen to the haters

  • 5
    Ancestor deodorant

    Published by Longinus on 27th Dec 2022

    Favorite deodorant. Scent, texture. I haven't noticed any weakness.

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