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You've probably heard the word 'luffa' your whole life, and thought it referred to a ball of extruded plastic from China. In reality, a luffa grows on a vine, and is part of the cucumber family. You wait for it to dry on the vine and you're left with only the fibers. These fibers are durable & stiff enough to scrub you clean without being so harsh that they cause discomfort.

Our luffas are grown on a small family farm in California. They will last you a year of daily bathing, and can even be washed in the dishwasher if anything particularly gnarly happens to them. Just make sure to hang it using the attached length of American-made sheepskin cord (provided by Dinsmoor Sheepskins) so that it dries in between uses.

Note: You won't see a ton of external lather on this sponge like you would with a plastic-weave luffa, but if you apply your body wash or bar soap and work it into the fibers, the inside will fill with enough lather to bathe your entire body using less than .3 oz of soap. 

Each luffa is approximately 6" long and 3" in diameter.

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10 Reviews

  • 5
    Nature made cleaner

    Published by 20thcentboy on 10th Aug 2022

    My kingdom will not wash with anything else but a Dissidents luffa. A rugged cleaning apparatus that washes away the grit from the day. Just read the other one, you'll thank yourself later.

  • 5

    Published by Cheryl on 12th Apr 2022

    Love the natural luffa. It gets softer with each use & a Great exfoliate. I did not know they were grown on a vine! It should compost nicely in about a year.

  • 5
    The longer the better

    Published by NaVessa on 25th Feb 2022

    When I first got it I thought it might be a tad to rough but it gets a bit softer the longer you use it. Its perfect now, just the right size, and I love the cord it hangs from

  • 5
    the luffa for kings

    Published by Hobbes on 18th Feb 2022

    don't scrub yourself with the box-store brand plastic luffa of peasants. use a real luffa like a man.

  • 5

    Published by Patrick Washington on 18th Feb 2022

    I never used a luffa and didn't really care to. I placed an order for Christmas and thought, heck, I'm ordering one for the wife, why not try it out? This non-CCP made product is fantastic! It lathers the soap quickly and rinses out fast. It also dries quickly post-shower. Great product all the way around. I'm glad I bought one!

  • 5
    True loofah

    Published by Dissenting Daily on 18th Feb 2022

    Bought this for my husband and he loves that it actually works and scrubs off dead skin without being just a sponge like plastic Chinese made loofah materials Thank you!

  • 5
    Absolutely love this luffa

    Published by Johnt on 18th Jan 2022

    Just absolutely love this luffa compare to the plastic ones! It makes my skin feel soft and it's easy on the sensitive skin if you know what I mean! I will never go back to the plastic ones again!

  • 5
    Best luffa is real luffa

    Published by Unknown on 22nd Nov 2021

    Wayyyyyy better than a new age plastic mildew magnet, simply worth the 11 bucks.

  • 5

    Published by reedness on 21st Nov 2021

    This is the only thing I will ever use to scrub my body again. Both my wife and I just love this and threw away the plastic crap we've been using all these years. It works great with 5 squirts of liquid soap, or smearing it with bar soap.... Only Dissident soaps have or will be used on it.

  • 5
    Must have!

    Published by Lord Aragorn on 2nd Nov 2021

    Very cool neat little gadget! Soft on the skin, Use your soap, a little on the luffa goes a long way. A must have!